Moeen Ali’s leaving

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Moeen Ali discovers the location of his off stump (via ECB YouTube)

Did you see Moeen Ali leave that Nathan Lyon delivery? Yes, that one – the one that knocked his off pole out.

We wrote about it – about what it means – for Cricket 365.

You can read the piece here and we heartily recommend that you do so.


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  1. As in, making no attempt to hit or otherwise block the path of the ball? He’s not departing, or anything?

  2. All the evidence, in my view, points towards a drop in confidence and thus an evaporation of form, both with bat and ball.

    Moenn’s only 32 years old – a spinning all-rounder could have years of top performance left in him, if he still has the spirit to fight to recover his form and place.

    He should rebuild his confidence by playing out the remainder of the season for Worcestershire, not England. If that goes well, he should tour South Africa for England this winter.

    1. I am not at all sure constantly spinning on the field would be a way to have years of top performance left in you, Ged. That extra exercise shaves off a few years.

      1. Does that not only happen in the southern hemisphere, Aditya? The next Ashes tour isn’t for ages.

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