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How refreshing that an England campaign in an international tournament hasn’t ended in meek capitulation for once.

A quick note of commiseration for The Colossus who didn’t deserve to be on the losing side after ballsily whopping three sixes off three balls when New Zealand were about 40-4. Craig McMillan also deserved better for his 57 off 31 balls.

And on another day, Shane Bond’s final over, the penultimate of the innings, which went for just four runs and featured three wickets (one a run-out) would have justified his inclusion as one of our World Cup players to watch.

Alas for Bond, his good work was undone when the next over began with three sixes off the bat of, ooh, let’s say Chris Schofield, as England ran out winners.

Here’s the now-obligatory Kevin Pietersen victory photo:


We’ve done some solid Photoshop work in order to depict an alternate world where Kevin Pietersen misses a straight one. This is clearly fiction because Kevin Pietersen’s reverse sweep is never anything other than staggeringly effective.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. He’s an all-rounder. He’s equally at home bowling long hops with machine-like efficiency or wildly slogging sixes in a piece of fiction.

  2. what about our super skipper, being caught in a strip bar the night before a major game.. Lucky this never happened, or it could have outshadowed Andrew Flintoff. And that’s just not right!!

  3. With England going from strength to strength, I guess it is understandable that you are not posting about your beloved Lancashire about to be relegated to the Vanuatu Klicketti Championship League for 73 years barring a miracle, such as Dominic Cork sprouting wings.

  4. Sorry, it should be spelt “:Kilikiti”. You posted an article a while back. One consolation is that Mal Loye would totally dominate in that form of the game.

  5. ergh and to think i ruined a perfectly good hangover to watch this game.
    The total domination that england inflicted on the kiwis made me think i might have done better sleeping it off.

  6. England’s continuing success in this competition is rather overshadowing the county game, but the alternative – writing more posts – doesn’t seem to go down well with our readers. It’s overfacing.

    Better to wallow in England’s glory.

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