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David Warner’s Twenty20 reputation

Yes, David Warner does own some white clothes

We’ve some sympathy for the young, millionnaire cricketer, David Warner – and it’s not just because he’s Australian. We feel that sympathy – just a small amount – because he’s been branded a Twenty20 player.

Warner’s done well off the back of Twenty20, but he’s always going to have to strive that little bit harder for respect now, no matter what he achieves. Like a left-handed artist or a left-handed carpenter or a left-handed teacher, his triumphs will only be reluctantly acknowledged by the public.

That Twenty20 brand will always be there. It’ll fade when he bats well, but it’ll shine like a xenon headlight bulb every time he fails. There’s something a bit snobby about it all.

Twenty20 and Test cricket aren’t different species with a common ancestor, they’re the same species. They can interbreed. A successful Twenty20 batsman is likely to have a good eye, which is a quality shared by all the best Test batsmen. A successful Test batsman will be a good decision-maker, which is also a great attribute in Twenty20.

If there were no Twenty20 cricket, David Warner might not be making his Test debut, but that’s hardly his fault. If anything, he seems to be approaching his Test career rather admirably. With three first-class hundreds in 11 games and an average of 60, he’s doing his bit on the pitch and apparently he’s spent long hours in the nets simply to practise batting for a long time.

He was out for three on his Test debut today, playing a short ball like he’d never seen one before. Maybe he hadn’t.

What did David Warner do to his room in Brisbane?

If you don’t know David Warner, he made his debut for Australia this week and hefted six sixes in hitting the second-fastest Twenty20 international fifty. He ended up with 89 off 43 balls.

After the game, a reporter asked him if he felt pigeon-holed as a Twenty20 player?

“In a way, yeah, time will tell. I might get a game this year, I might not.”

When he says ‘a game’, he means a first-class game, because thus far David Warner hasn’t actually played first-class cricket. It was a pretty feeble question really.

More importantly, however, David Warner was suspended from Australia’s Centre of Excellence because his room in Brisbane was all crudded up.

He liked to store his food on the floor and apparently there were “marks” on the floor and walls. We don’t know any more about these mysterious “marks” but we’re intrigued. It’s so wilfully vague…

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