Unofficial snack food of the Australian national cricket team

Chuck writes: “Not sure if these are sold in the UK, but I saw these (being demolished in my kitchen by my kids) and thought they’d be perfect for any team managed by Justin Langer.”

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10 Appeals

  1. Good heavens, but those cakes are each double the size of a Jaffa Cake (c25g plays c12g) and double the percentage fat content (c16% plays c8%).

    That’s approximately FOUR TIMES AS MUCH FAT PER CAKE, Elite compared with Jaffa. The Jaffa cake, as most around here know, is the England cricketer’s “naughty but nice” snack of choice.

    Elite Teacakes are not even vegetarian, denying Siddle and heaven knows who else of their elite status, cake-wise.

    In the UK we tend to find Tunnocks tea cakes (Scottish), which have a similar fat content to the Jacobs ones but no dead animal products, so the vegetarians can indulge with impunity. But England cricketers are bound to keep away from them…

    …especially batsmen…

    …I mean to say, when did we last see Tun-nocks from England batsmen?

    • King Cricket

      February 4, 2019 at 9:09 pm

      Extraordinarily protracted use of the wordplay shoe horn. Chapeau.

      • Seriously. That was verbal gymnastics at its finest.

      • Similarly, most of the Windies batsmen will give these a wide berth. After all, when did they last require Tu-nnocks?

        *And then everybody started to clap*

      • Polite applause and laughter like a connoisseur…

        …while also lapping up the plaudits for his own puntastic (he admits with all due modesty) efforts.

  2. They look much more like biscuits than cake.

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