Watch 45-minute highlights of the day Mark Wood took five wickets against the West Indies bowling at over 90mph

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Mark Wood bowling quickly (via YouTube)

They’re sticking great long highlights packages of each day’s play on YouTube. Who knew?

And what better day to start with than Mark Wood bowling at 94mph and half-deciding the third Test in the space of four overs? (Day on of the first Test, you say? Well, yes, that would have been a better day to start with. Point taken.)

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  1. It was a beautiful day. Moe and Wood are two of my favourite cricketers, because they’re not chiselled out of the bland beige stone of normality like most of their fellows seem to be. Chuffed to see them taking nine between them.

  2. Who’d a thunk it? Bowling someone who hits the deck hard and getsspeeds over 90Mph would work in the Caribbean?

    1. The interesting thing* is that Wood hasn’t always been like that. Historically, even when he’s been bowling fast it’s been ‘skiddy’, i.e. doesn’t bounce too much. Whereas this time he’s bowling fire and noise and bouncers that have put Gabriel to shame.

      I prefer this Wood, I think (said the actress to the carpenter).

  3. I can’t help but feel that vast quantities of stockpiled runs are being squandered on a dead rubber here.

    1. Can’t agree with that, Mike.

      “It’s a bit late for the current campaign…” – agreed.

      “It’s too soon for the next wave of campaigns…” – disagree.

      But I suspect anyway that you were simply trying to feed the double-entendre community , hoping that someone would combine the “firm, thrusting Wood” motif with the idea of “dead rubbers”…

      …not me. Wouldn’t even cross my mind.

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