A cricket bat invading a rival sport

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Sam writes:

Please find attached a picture of a cricket bat in an unusual place, namely being used as a cue in a game of pool.

Looks like a flat pitch with plenty of runs in it

In an attempt to educate our co-worker Vita in the ways of King Cricket, we equipped her with said blade and sent her in to ‘bat’ as closing time approached at an overcast Surbiton watering hole.

Please note the Collingwood-esque short backlift, Daniel Vettori spectacles and half-full (or half-empty) pint of real ale perched on the table in homage to the great Freddie Flintoff.

If memory serves, the cue ball went straight into the bottom right pocket.

Vita departed with a pained Ian Bell-style ‘why, God?’ grimace, and we advised her to take the positives and put them under pressure early doors.

Send your pictures of cricket bats and other cricket stuff in unusual places to king@kingcricket.co.uk


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Vita seems oblivious to the missing yellow in the pack. Did anyone point this out, or did you remove a red to even things up?

    I think you need to educate Vita in how to play pool before jumping straight to the King Cricket education. It’s no surprise her break went straight in the pocket – she needs to widen her stance and get the head down closer to the bat.

  2. And she need to use the other end of the bat, with which I am sure a perfectly reasonable game of pool could have been had.

  3. benno: there was a missing yellow. to be honest we were too intoxicated to care.

  4. My instantaneous thought when I saw the picture, Fred Grace.

    My second thought was that someone else was bound to have made that point before I got here.

  5. Fred, the Mongoose would look less out of place on the pool table than it does on the Cricket field!

    The ICC / MCC should not have allowed it!

    The balance between bat and ball must be maintained!

    What if they manactured a ball which swung linke a boomerang and a side out in a few overs ? would the ICC / MCC allow it ? I doubt it!

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