Cricket beer for the summer

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What’s the best way of dealing with a crisis?

That’s right:

Marston's Ashes Ale in a Lord's 2005 glass

Marston’s have brought out another cricket themed beer. This one’s called Ashes Ale and it’s light and hoppy and the kind of beer you could have a few of – which is just as well considering how today’s play went.

We’d give it 7/10, but if the people from Marston’s want to get in touch and send a few bottles (, it’s probably the kind of beer that goes to 8/10 when you’ve developed more of a taste for it.

It also features something else that we always look for in a beer and that’s a picture of a cyclops on the back of the bottle:

All products should feature a cyclops - ALL PRODUCTS!

You can get it at Lidl. They’ve also got Dragonfruit on sale for about 50p at the minute, but be warned: in terms of taste, dragonfruit doesn’t remotely live up to its name or appearance.


  1. You may want to slope off from Lidl into a nearby Aldi and buy a box of Tapas in a Minute for 99p to go with the Dragonfruit

  2. More that it doesn’t taste exciting.

    We’re pretty sure dragons would taste exciting.

  3. Am I the only one amongst us who has bought a commemorative jar of Marmite which is a facsimile of a cricket ball and contains a percentage of its yeast extract from marston’s Pedigree?

    I know I’m a fool but I just couldn’t resist it!

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