Jerk chicken during England’s tour of the West Indies

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Always add more chilli and thymeWe just popped into our local Co-op. Two of the staff were looking at a new takeaway menu. One said: “It sounds nice, that chicken and chips.”

We’ve got that menu. It waxes lyrical. It says: ‘One portion of chicken and chips.’

Mmm. That does sound nice.

If we can be bothered, we’re going to have jerk chicken tomorrow while watching day three. We always tell you to eat jerk chicken. You always ignore us. We’re not letting that stop us from doing it again though. Our feelings about embracing each different cricket tour are quite strong.

The concept of the tour is what makes cricket what it is. Tours are what raise the sport above its closest challengers – the biathlon and boules. With a cricket tour you get weeks or even months to get to know opposition players and as long as England are away, you keep getting whiffs of an alien culture as well. It’s ace.

Mostly it’s just an excuse to eat curry or jerk chicken or whatever though.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Well, you heard him – when King Cricket says jerk, you jerk.

    I made curry goat recently, and it was probably the nicest thing I’ve ever cooked. More recipes should involve HP sauce.

  2. I jerked some pork a couple of months ago. It was good.

    “Always add more chilli and thyme” is the sagest advice I’ve ever seen on this site.

  3. Ooh! I’ve got some jerk chicken seasoning in my condiment cupboard left over from my 2007 world cup party. I wonder if it’s still good.

  4. Miriam,it should be fine.You can always buy a tin of jerk seasong KC is advertising.your local supermarket will have it.It is a very good product apart from Walkerswood one which is excellent.
    as the sage KC says,” Add more chilli and thyme”.

  5. I went to one of our local Trinidadian owned pub to ignore my companions+future ex-flatmates (non-cricket liking fools that they are) whilst I stared at the giant screen showing the England/WI game. As I’d already eaten, I sat in envy at all the people munching on the jerk pork… I had a packet of crisps though.

    (It’s the Effra Hall in Brixton, South London for those who are interested in good food and funky jazz whilst the eating jerked meat. Shame the beer’s uninspired.If they had some nice beer, it would be the best pub int he world. Though I understand Darcus Howe is annoyed by it’s gentrification… sod him I say, but then I would)

    Does that count?

  6. Had jerked mutton for lunch yesterday, with rice and peas, natch. The result: England took one wicket and the Windies scored quite a few.

    Is this a wise luncheoning course to continue. I had ‘Canadian beef stew’ this time – I reckon that could be enough to see a few more wickets fall today.

  7. Effra Hall?
    I seem to remember my son promising to take me there for a pint and jerk chicken !!
    Oh Well.

  8. Ne, I think you may live not that far from me, actually. Although I’ve never been to the Effra Hall.

    I’m going to Brixton tomorrow to the hairdresser. I might get some jerk chicken for lunch.

  9. Actually, the receptionist at my hairdresser swears by pouring a bottle of red stripe over the jerk chicken before cooking it. Apparently it makes it truly amazing.

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