Sim Series, Sri Lanka v England, 2nd Test, day 3: Matthews exploits flaccid, careless England

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With the Sri Lanka v England Test series postponed because of coronavirus, we’re playing out two Test matches between Sri Lanka and England on Cricket Captain 2018’s ‘All-Time Greats’ mode… This is Sim Series.

England battled to some sort of total, but day two belonged to Sri Lanka.

They recommence on 225-3.

Morning session

Graeme Swann starts and Kumar Sangakkara reaches his hundred.

He celebrates by standing still and staring into space. The England fielders acknowledge his achievement by doing exactly the same thing.

Aravinda de Silva also reaches his hundred, but things are very sedate. England seem happy with this and decline to take the new ball.

Sangakkara hits Derek Underwood for six.

England take the new ball.

After a couple of maidens, Sangakkara thinks he’s got the measure of James Anderson. He glides him for four and follows up with a drive.

Stokes, meanwhile, is getting pinged to the fence fairly regularly.

Graham Thorpe bowls two overs, because why not.

At lunch Sri Lanka are 324-3.

Afternoon session

It’s Swann and Underwood after the break. Both batsmen reach 150.

But then finally, it happens. Sangakkara edges Underwood to Cook at slip for 157.

Angelo Matthews edges into space in Underwood’s next over. With few chances being created, that could be costly. Where are the close fielders?

Matthews larrups Underwood for consecutive fours and then edges to slip… but it’s a no-ball.


Matthews larrups Underwood for two more fours.

At the other end, Swann gets de Silva LBW for 163.

Gower brings Anderson back on for Underwood, who kicks the turf, frustrated with everyone and everything, especially himself.

Swann has an appeal against Matthews and finds Arjuna Ranatunga’s edge – but again there’s no fielder.

Anderson gets Ranatunga LBW but then Matthews hits him for three fours on the bounce. What an infuriating innings.

Vaas somehow manages to inside-edge over the keeper for six. (Jimmy must really be getting it through.) Vaas then edges again, but wide of slip.

At tea Sri Lanka are 452-6 and Jimmy is basically livid.

Evening session

Matthews is hitting fours here there and everywhere, so Ben Stokes tries to bounce the shit out of him.

It doesn’t work.

Arjuna Ranatunga somewhat brutally declares on 502-6 with Matthews unbeaten on 97.

Cold, man. Cold.

Change of innings

Sri Lanka’s field is ludicrously attacking. Marcus Trescothick responds by trying to leather every single ball.

After a couple of fours, he leathers Lasith Malinga to Vaas in the deep.

David Gower strokes his first ball for four because of course he does.

Alastair Cook edges Malinga to slip for 12.

Gower keeps stroking fours.


Sri Lanka lead by 88 runs.

England are in shit and Muttiah Muralitharan hasn’t even bowled yet.

Join us tomorrow for day four.


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  1. England are in deep doo-doo and there’s no mistake. Few teams emerge from such poo without an L to their name.

    Meanwhile, KC has dated this piece 25 March, for some reason, so it appears below the other pieces about this match on the site, confusing yet further those of us who are already bemused by the monumental changes to our life circumstances. No doubt KC will have corrected this one before most people read my ramblings.

    As for the attempts Daisy and I are making to keep fit and healthy, the next instalment can be seen here:

    Colourful pictures if little else of merit.

    1. They don’t call him King of Cricket Captain All-Time Greats mode for nothing.

  2. It’s Underwood that is most disappointing here. Murali took four wickets, but Deadly Derek has managed only two, and Matthews in particular seems to have been taking him for a lot of easy runs. It’s not something you often hear, but Matthews seems to be able to milk Underwood.

    You’re very welcome.

  3. I always miss the weekend updates (mainly because I’m not at my PC and don’t really check this site from the phone – should really start doing that…)

    Interesting declaration. I would have thought simply batting England out of the match would be the way to go here. Up the scoring rate, play till 12 overs before tea if possible. 4 sessions on this pitch should be enough with Murali and Herath.

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