Stuart Broad ruins our afternoon

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We had it all planned out. We were going to cycle up Mow Cop and then, when we got home, we’d ‘refuel’ with our feet up while watching what promised to be the business end of the New Zealand innings. We’d be exhausted and would therefore be able to sit watching TV contentedly without feeling like we should be doing something else. Flawless, guilt-free self-indulgence was in the offing.

We timed it almost perfectly wrong.

Within 30 seconds of our return, the TV was on. It was the adverts. And then it was still the adverts. This was an unusually long ad break. Maybe it was the fall of a wicket. Oh, wait, maybe it was drinks. It was about the right time – an hour into the afternoon session.

It wasn’t the drinks break.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Same. I went out when Swann and Broad were batting. Got back just after lunch and they were 40-7.

  2. Just think how much the universe owes you one now, and how much guilt-free cricket watching you’ll get next time you need it. You can actually decide to do nothing but watch it next time, knowing you’re only making up for having been cheated out of Broad’s 7-44.

    1. This is true. Now all we have to do is convince our subconscious of that fact.

  3. It’s almost as if Stuart Broad deliberately set out to spoil KC and Sam’s fun.

    What a rotten way to behave. Beastly.

  4. Bollocksy bastarding bastards. We actually played well for 3 whole days, then of all people it’s Broad that makes us look like chumps. I was actually starting to believe that the life of a Kiwi cricket tragic might be on the improve, but no. We’re still rubbish.

  5. So is Broad treading the same path as Good Jimmy / Bad Jimmy?

    Does that mean he’ll grow up and become The Second Best Bowler in The World (TM) eventually?

    As I saw pointed out elsewhere, Broad’s problem is really this:

    he’s very good in England: 121 wickets @ 34

    And crap abroad: 57 wickets @ > 40, 370 runs @ < 14

    1. Hmm. Something got screwed up there.

      In England : 121 wickets @ 34

      And that’s with a split of 30 tests at home, 26 away

    2. What the fudge? something is screwing up my comments.

      121 wickets at less than 28. 1200 runs at more than 34.

    3. Calm down daneel, it’s only a cricket stat.

      Point well made, though.

      Except that Broad has ended up playing most of his overseas stuff in subcontinental conditions, which I think is really the point.

    4. Not sure that’s quite the case Ged, he did well in the UAE, was injured in India and hasn’t played in Pakistan. And his only tour to Sri Lanka was his debut series, well before he started showing the goods at home in 2009.

      His record in the WI & NZ especially lends a lot of weight to the theory that he really is just a bit crap away from home.

  6. I had a great time.

    Woke up about 12, sat on the sofa, and watched a lot of wickets fall quickly.

  7. Btw. Just because wickets fell quickly and I enjoyed it, that doesn’t mean I like t20.

    1. The three-day preamble does tend to add to one’s level of involvement.

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