England 51 all out

It was put to Alastair Cook that after Adelaide in 2006 and 81 all out in Galle in 2007, England’s batting was having the odd disaster.

“If it happens again, then things have to change. But those are three isolated incidents over three years, so it is not as though it is happening every week.”

If England bat okay in the first innings of the next Test but are then skittled again in the second, is that an isolated incident? Is it isolated by a single instance of competence?

Is ‘every week’ the frequency with which things have to go wrong in order for there to be a problem?

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13 Appeals

  1. Quite plainly, yes.

  2. Only if you ignore the batting disaster in the Stanford Series, the one against the Mumbai Second XI in India… but apart from that, it happens very rarely indeed.

  3. It’s not so much a question of the length of time but rather who is involved. If you have a series of disasters over time involving largely the same group of players then you have a problem.

    As an Aussie I hope this problem will manifest itself again during the ashes.

    Maybe some sort of group therapy with a sports psychologist is in order?

  4. Slightly worrying that he said “if it happens again”

    What kind of mindset is that for an international sportswomen?

  5. England don’t even play a test match every week…

  6. Someone needs to step up to the plate. Failing that, someone needs to come to party.

    There seems to be a plate and party shortage in England.

    How many p’s are there in pathetic?

    And there’s no f in credit either.

  7. Or, in the worde of Rio Ferdinand, they need to take on the mantlepiece.

    If England cricketers prove to be as stuipid as footballers, that’s when we have a problem

  8. i don’t know how any of them have the temerity to speak to the media at all after that shambles, never mind coming out with the same old cliches.

    what an absolute shower.

  9. Mantelpieces are dangerous enemies. Taking them on is fraught. And they come in such varieties – you never know which one you’ll face next.

    Look at this bastard mantelpiece – i’d never take this on:


  10. Did HR Giger design that?

  11. “if it happens again” ”
    Look at the brighter side – Atleast he didnt say “When”

  12. Cook and co just need to grow a pair! I don’t if this possible or if it will ever happen. But once it does we’ll be winning tests again.

  13. Given their (ahem) stiff upper lip, more mantlepieces in the england batting line up would be handy at present.

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