MS Dhoni has lost everyone

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Follow me, everyone! ... Everyone? ... Hello?

Here’s a question: can you lead by example if no-one follows that example? If there’s no-one behind you, you’re not really leading, are you? You’re just ambling around on your own while everyone else sits around having cakes and tea.

In the first innings at Old Trafford, MS Dhoni played with grit and resolve and showed the way for the rest of his team. No-one followed him. In the second innings, they buckled like a belt.

Here at the Oval, he made 82 out of 148. You could call it a captain’s innings, but that perhaps highlights just how meaningless that phrase is.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Dhoni played some terrific Dhoni shots but he also got lucky. If the other batsmen had aimed a few more wild yahoos they might have edged 30 or 40 more runs.

  2. I am just back from Peru hanging out with Shamans and indulging in some psychedelic brew. My visions clearly identified the solution – the only way Dhoni would be able to make others follow him is if a certain blogging site changed the picture they use of MSD. A certain British female photographer was held directly responsible for the sad state of affairs by not providing new pictures.

    1. Ged, it would involve long hours of trekking to collect those exotic herbs. The natives also ask that before you do so, you present them with something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

      Wait, no, is it possible that I am mixing up cultures here?

      No, no, it is not.

    2. But then just ask painter of sky to paint something blue and then say, ‘I have discovered blue thing!’

  3. On a different note, this is another big reason two test-series are utter, utter rubbish. If this had ended after Lord’s, clearly the second best team would’ve been hailed the winner. The point of test cricket is to establish your supremacy over a statistically significant sample of matches. Now, this number is probably 42, though it is up for debate. What is not up for debate is 2 ain’t it.

    1. Of course it’s 42, especially for an India England series. 42 all out, June 24, 1974.

  4. With most recent England Test ending in 2 or 3 days we should bring back the timeless Tests which can last 2 or three weeks or months

  5. I think Paul Reiffel needs an eye test, though. Cook was plumb. If only there was some kind of review system available…

    1. Everyone is saying it’s all ok with Cook but as you imply it is not and it’s not just in this Test he has been fortunate.

      Still in a sane world he will not play the ODI stuff so can work on his batting with Essex.

  6. Junaid Khan is quickly becoming one of my favorite cricketers. Not for his bowling (which is fine), but for his batting, which would be Martinesque if Chris Martin played like Shahid Afridi. The world needs more “see ball, swing wildly and miss ball” batsmen.

    1. Thirteen’s more runs than Martin scored in his entire career, isn’t it?

      Not to mention more than most of the Indian batsmen. Zing!

  7. I’m getting the hang of the game now, I actually have 10 players on the field. 7th place at the Oval with Broad and Anderson still to bat.

  8. “…and that’s ignominious for Ghambir. He’s having to jog off in the rain, having been run out when his team are 338 runs behind.@

  9. How prophetic you were, your majesty, in calling for Dhoni to be sacked. It’s sounding like he might sack himself.

  10. So that’s it then. No more test cricket until mid April.

    The cognitive dissonance of jubilation mixed with gloom is doing my head in this evening.

    1. And of course, from mid-April the schedule is such that they’ll be played into the ground and Anderson will probably be over-bowled into retirement.

      And excitingly, we have an Ashes series to look forward to. That’ll make a nice change.

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