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Spartacus being conspicuously indifferent to Nathan Hauritz

Miriam writes:

Here is my cat Spartacus being conspicuously indifferent to Nathan Hauritz, just like the Australian selectors.

He's Spartacus

A different Monty being conspicuously indifferent to cricket

Dandy Dan writes:

When visiting my friends Simon and Esther in Durham, I couldn’t help notice their cat Monty being conspicuously indifferent to the cricket.

Definitely not watching, even if there's a well-positioned mirror off camera

However, what we can see from this photo is that Mohammed Ashraful has obviously sensed Monty’s indifference to him and his batting, so has decided to show a similar level of indifference to Monty as some sort of riposte.

Later, when he thought no one was watching, I managed to take a photo of Monty being conspicously interested in the cricket. This interest appears to be too late, as Finn has clearly decided to ignore him.

Are Monty's eyes open? That is the question

Animals being conspicously interested in the cricket. Is this a new feature?

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A fox being conspicuously partial to cricket

D Charlton writes:

This fox cub was not indifferent to cricket. In fact, he was the opposite: he was different to cricket.

So different, in fact, that he wandered into these nets, got tangled up and trapped.

Graeme Fowler

Luckily, the cricket club were able to dig out Sussex CCC’s number, who had experienced similar trouble.

The county sent a man over who sorted the situation.

Churro being conspicuously indifferent to the status of Wisden

Miriam writes:

This is Churro, the kitten we were looking after for a fortnight.

Wisdens are not battlements!

As you can see, he isn’t conspicuously indifferent to cricket, as he is using the Wisdens as a protective wall from humans who try to stop him gnawing at books. He is obviously also ruminating on the lost years 1992-1995.

He is, though, giving Ceiling Cat a run for his money.

Stand back, Ceiling Cat, the Internet has a new overlord now.

Various beasts being conspicuously indifferent to cricket

SW writes:

Here are the animals of the SW household demonstrating considerable indifference to key moments of the T20 World Cup.

First up there is Jasper (aka Fatty McFat). He is technically the neighbour’s cat, but they don’t feed him and call him Nike so he has rejected this emasculating lifestyle in lieu of the endless food and Sky Sports provided chez SW and just tolerates his array of new names. Recently he was spotted being conspicuously indifferent to Gayle’s smiting of the Australian bowling at the Oval.

Chris who?

In the background, Gayle is seen leaving the pitch to rapturous applause, yet McFat is choosing to ignore the joy this spectacle brought to non-Australian hearts, instead indulging in a catnap.

The table is not normally that haphazardly covered with random items. It has been pointed out that perhaps the cat was unaware of the cricket due to the mountain of stuff in his sightline to the telly, however his ears are clearly also pointing away and I can vouch he was very much fast asleep in the style of MCC Man after too much wine at lunch – so deeply asleep you are not sure if they are actually dead.

Secondly, there is 19 year old Silka ignoring Foster’s lightning quick reactions for the timely stumping of Yuvraj Singh:

Yuvraj who?

As a Surrey supporter, she’s not shown any interest in England wicket keeping since Alec Stewart retired, so this is not a surprise. To be fair, when Geraint Jones was in the team she wouldn’t even bother being in the house at all.

Finally, a picture of The Australian showing continued indifference to all T20 matches since the demise of his team:

Why isn't it wearing a singlet?

Not only is he ignoring TMS on the radio and Sky on the telly, but he has conspicuously started to demonstrate overtly stereotypical Australian behaviour by preparing the barbie for another shrimp and sporting the Australian national dress of a stupid hat and flipflops. Some would say he was “actively attention seeking”. What is most worrying about this photo is that McFat is clearly being sucked in by this Antipodean trickery.

Harold being conspicuously indifferent to the legacy of Michael Vaughan

Eva writes:

“This is my cat Harold. Here he is, nonchalantly enjoying a meal. (Don’t question that. Cats can be nonchalant. No-one’s ever questioned a cat’s ability to display indifference.)

“In doing this, he made a choice. He chose to ignore the legacy of Michael Vaughan.

Studied indifference

“He’s actually almost sitting on the legacy of Michael Vaughan. He’s very committed in his indifference.”

At this point, we questioned Harold’s awareness of the magazine, but Eva can back up her words.

“Sadly, I can verify his awareness. Later, I found him engrossed in an article about the magic of Kevin Pietersen. It was a calculated betrayal.”

Conspicuously absorbed

If you’ve got a picture of an animal being conspicously indifferent to cricket, send it to king@kingcricket.co.uk.

Women’s World Cup final match report

D Charlton once again tries to find out the score:

As I was heading north, I realised that it was the Women’s World Cup final between England and New Zealand. I had just got into the Arctic Circle, in the village of Jukkasjärvi in Sweden and wanted to know the score.

So I thought a hotel would be a good place to find basic information. I went up to this hotel made of ice and knocked.

It *looks* like the kind of place where they'd know the score in the Women's World Cup final

No one answered. In fact I couldn’t even find a door. It just seemed to be ice rooms with not an internet connection, television or kettle within.

So I continued heading north.

I then came across an Arctic cat and asked him the score. Cats are very wise, especially in the Arctic.

Cold, frosty indifference

It may be because he spoke Swedish and not English, or most likely because he clearly wasn’t that bothered, but he didn’t help either way. He just continued looking at the ice.

So I continued heading north.

Email your match reports to king@kingcricket.co.uk and remember – strictly no cricket.

Bo conspicuously renouncing his indifference to cricket

Sam writes:

In light of England’s well-documented opening batsman problems, I thought I would canvas opinion within my household regarding a return for Taunton’s favourite son.

Bo reflects wistfully on the early promise of an uncomplicated West Country left-hander with minimal foot movement but tons of talent.

What a cute little cat

‘137. Lord’s. June 12 2001,’ he appears to be thinking.

Bo’s nostalgia turns to pain and anger as I inform him of the score in Bridgetown.


‘117 all out?’ he appears to be saying. ‘Come back, Banger. All is forgiven.’

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Cat renounces indifference to cricket

Lemon Bella writes:

StraussCat has been waiting for another chance to show how much he doesn’t care about English cricket. KP provided him with the perfect opportunity.

This is StraussCat when he first heard the news that Pietersen had resigned.

Have you heard the news?

When I told him that the only viable candidate was his namesake, he merely yawned and stretched a bit.

My new cat, Meowcus Trescattick, has proved disappointingly interested in cricket. He’s particularly interested in South African cricket, as this picture shows.

Catkind remains jealous of our opposable thumbs

When he heard the news about KP he tipped his waterbowl over in disgust, but I didn’t get a picture of that.

Tribble being conspicuously indifferent to cricket

Cully, from New Zealand, writes:

Here is my cat, Tribble, being conspicuously indifferent to cricket. Could she be bothered to watch the second Test between India and Australia? Could she even be bothered to watch us scrape a painful win against Bangladesh? Could she heck.

How do we know that it is cricket about which this cat feels indifferent

Once she’d emptied the fridge of rubbish beer, she not only continued to be oblivious to the cricket, she became oblivious to everything.

I do have another cat without an alcohol problem, but unfortunately she is so conspicuously indifferent to cricket that she couldn’t even be bothered to be in the room.

More animals being conspicuously indifferent to cricket

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