The New Originals – Manchester’s latest Hundred signings

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We literally just wanted to rehash our favourite Hundred joke in the headline. Now we have to follow-through with some semblance of an article.

Just as a quick recap for those that don’t know, Manchester Originals are…

  • The ones sponsored by McCoys
  • “Laughing in the face of limits” (possibly delirious from medication)
  • “Raising the bar forever higher” (but presumably very slowly because otherwise you eventually reach a point where height is meaningless and the bar’s just floating around in space)

A couple of years back, they were also new. But that’s no longer the case. These days the original Originals are old Originals and as a result of this year’s draft, we now have new new Originals.

The setup of franchise cricket means it is actually incredibly hard to identify who these people are. That’s because the draft system means you’ll frequently see teams trumpeting the signing of players who already played for them.

As far as we can work out…

New Originals (aka new new Originals)

  • Josh Tongue
  • Laura Wolvaardt
  • Amanda-Jade Wellington
  • Kathryn Brice
  • Katie George

Original Originals who are no longer Originals

  • Kate Cross

We could be wrong and we’re not especially bothered if we are. As we said at the top, this article had fundamentally served its purpose three words into the headline.

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  1. The New Originals sounds like either a band from the 60s where some of the original Originals have left the band and want to be known as the Originals but the members who weren’t originally Originals want to be known as the Originals too.

    Or a TV spinoff/reboot, like the New Avengers or something.

    1. You have somehow both got the reference and not got the reference.

      It feels like maybe you have previously known but now forgotten the reference?

      1. Ah, OK – it’s a fine line between clever and stupid after all.

        Wasn’t sure if it was a New Seekers thing, a New Yardbirds / Led Zeppelin thing, or a Joanna Lumley New Avengers thing.

        There is a clothing brand called the New Originals, as well. Probably the sort of thing you can buy in that giant new Sports Direct that is opening in the Arndale today.

      2. Presumably you are talking about the new Arndale there, rather than the old Arndale.

        I went to the old Arndale when it was quite new (late 1970s) but only visited the new Arndale relatively recently (a few years ago) when it was already quite old.

        Regarding The Hundred, I find myself underwhelmed by the draft concept. Perhaps it works better for the IPL and/or franchise tournaments of that kind.

        BTW, I have it on authority that we are not supposed to describe The Hundred squads as franchises – apparently they are not franchises in the sense that franchise tournaments are franchises. I hope that is clear to all KC readers who might be hanging on every word of this article and my comment thereon.

      3. The original Arndale you mean.

        We’re aware it’s not a franchise tournament but after giving it some thought we couldn’t settle on anything else. Open to suggestions.

      4. My understanding is that the ECB is also open to suggestions as to what to call “franchise-type cricket” when the squads are not franchises.

  2. Something called “The Hundred” appears to be a plot point in the new series of Succession. Somewhat unexpected.

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