Was Jason Roy’s the greatest World Cup hundred celebration?

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Jason Roy celebrates his hundred (via ICC video)

2019 Cricket World Cup, Game 12, Bangladesh v England

When Jason Roy reached his hundred against Bangladesh, he celebrated by ploughing into umpire Joel Wilson and knocking him flat on his arse.

This bout of slapstick almost certainly constitutes the all-time greatest World Cup hundred celebration. We know this for one simple reason: it was quite funny and we can’t immediately think of any other funny hundred celebrations at the World Cup and funny things are better than unfunny things.

Here’s a bit more detail on why it was funny (and therefore great).

1. After knocking Wilson over, it briefly looked like Roy was doing a Mortal Kombat style ‘flawless victory’ pose over Wilson’s prone body

2. After that, Roy went in for the hug

3. After the hug, Roy apologised and Wilson did the finest ‘your apology is not really accepted’ face that we’ve ever seen

The last one’s our favourite.

So, yes, undeniably a very funny incident, but if you for some inexplicable reason take issue with our conclusion and claim it wasn’t actually all that funny an incident at all, we can instantly disprove that.

Just look what Jason Roy’s collision with Joel Wilson managed to do.

Jason Roy’s hundred celebration made Trevor Bayliss move his face!

Trevor Bayliss did a recognisable facial expression!

(Eoin Morgan, who is very much learning the art of facial immobility from Bayliss at the minute, also did a face. Or possibly a yawn.)


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  1. Eoin Morgan is not stifling a yawn there.

    Eoin Morgan is trying to hide from the world the fact that he is laughing. (Didn’t work).

    I like Eoin Morgan.

  2. The only thing I’d take issue with there is that in stage 1, Wilson’s body was clearly supine, not prone.

  3. Watching ‘windia’ v ‘lostralia’ (great sign by a spectator) and enjoying being able to enjoy Indian batting.
    Why isn’t Lyon playing? Are they saving him for us?

  4. Now that #bailgate as reprieved none other than Lil Davie Warner, even if in doing so it may have hampered Australia’s cause, I feel that the issue has moved from one of mere amusing bewilderment to a full-blown national scandal.

    I’m thinking petitions, questions in Parliament and a million marching on London to force Them to right this immeasurable wrong.

    1. Maybe when the team sauntered into Homebase to buy sandpaper they bought some wood glue aswell.

    2. If the bails are going to light up, can they not also “jump” for themselves? Self-propelled bails seem the second most obvious solution to this affair (the most obvious being why the heck do we need bails that light up anyway?).

  5. Looking forward to not watching the India v Australia highlights on Channel 4 at 1am. Well done everyone.

    1. Why did everyone suddenly get round to being annoyed about this yesterday when it’s been the case for the whole World Cup?

      1. Maybe because Ind v Aus was arguably the biggest game so far, and this was the latest time slot so far. People are happy to stay up until midnight. But not until 2am on a school night.

      2. Speak for yourself. We were still annoyed when they moved them forwards to 10pm.

    2. You can watch (very) abridged highlights on YouTube. The official ICC channel has them all. But they wrap up the entire game in about 5m30 so its basically wickets with the odd six thrown in.

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