Sorry, we’ve misled a few of you

An apology: Earlier in the week, we told you that you could watch the Ashes with Now TV’s Sky Sports Mobile Pass. Turns out that isn’t the case because they for some reason don’t include their main sports channel in that package.

We thought they did. Turns out the one that we thought was a generic “Sky Sports” is actually Sky Sports Premier League. (Sky omit the words “Premier League” and use the logo of the Premier League instead.)


How are we supposed to know what that blurry little splodge is?

The main channel is actually called Sky Sports Main Event and that’s not included.

This is totally our mistake, so if you signed up on our recommendation, please email us ( and we’ll pay you back.

Really, really sorry.

To be clear, Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Ashes do come with the normal £34 Now TV Sky Sports Pass, so that one’s fine. It’s just the £6 Sky Sports Mobile Pass which is completely worthless.

Sorry again.


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2 Appeals

  1. Sneak 100

    Not your fault – Sky are the ones doing the misle-ing.

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