13 things that happened this summer that sort of sum things up but mostly don’t

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This summer we had a World Cup and then an Ashes and it is honestly very hard to remember even half of what took place.

Here are 13 things that took place.

The World Cup group stages

Steve Smith revealed himself to be the most despicable cricketer in the entire world

Steve Smith (via ICC video)

It wasn’t the sandpaper thing and it wasn’t the lying about sandpaper thing. It was the calling-back-a-team-mate-who-had-the-wild-shits thing. Absolutely despicable behaviour.

Jason Roy celebrated a hundred by clattering an umpire

Jason Roy celebrates his hundred (via ICC video)

The umpire then did the finest ‘your apology is not really accepted’ face that we’ve ever seen. That was the best bit.

Glenn Maxwell played the most magnificent 10-ball innings

It was high intensity fun.

England bottomed-out

James Vince bowled (via ICC video)

And we all agreed to blame James Vince for England’s World Cup failure and also for everything else.

The World Cup semi-finals

MS Dhoni let a run-chase get away from him, as only he can

It was very cool. A little too cool, perhaps. Counter-productively cool really.

Umpire Richard Kettleborough made a face when MS Dhoni was run out

In almost any other summer, this would be our number one highlight.

Steve Smith got run out in a weird way

Weird but true fact: not everything went brilliantly for Steve Smith this summer.

Jason Roy had a mega-flounce

Elite stroppiness, but weirdly there was one person who experienced an even stronger emotional reaction to his dismissal.

The World Cup final

First Ben Stokes hit the greatest shot anyone has ever hit…

It was even better than his mad catch earlier in the tournament.

… then the match finished with the most uniquely cricket moment imaginable

Except that it resulted in England winning a World Cup, which doesn’t feel very cricket at all now that we come to think about it.

The Ashes

The Ashes started really, really normally

It’s important to remember that in light of everything that followed.

The Ashes ceased to be in any way normal

England were bowled out for 67. Do you remember that? Do you remember England being bowled out for 67? That was a thing that actually happened.

And it happened in a match they went on to win

And that’s where the summer ended. No other things happened after the ‘England winning a Test after getting bowled out for 67’ thing happened.


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  1. Are county summer things allowed to have happened after England won that match or has absolutely everything been confined to the memory erasure vault? 🙁

  2. What about that meeting where all the problems with world and English cricket were sorted once and for all? Doesn’t that make the list? I mean, imagine – one meeting that fixed every problem dogging cricket, making it the perfect game, healthy for many future decades, and attracting a new and vibrant set of supporters. All this, just there in the notes from the meeti… oh, yeh, right, er… yeh.

    Carry on everyone.

    1. What manner of idiots were at that meeting – capable of all that amazing problem solving and yet no-one had the savvy to take notes?

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